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My name is Sergio Garrido and I am Master student in Choral conducting at KCAntwerpen. I write this call because I decided to create a new female choir in the city and I would love to get contacts of interested people for achieving this idea.

The main aim for this new choir is to be focuse in early music performance, in order to propose to the audience performances on which it is possible to learn more about How could it sound the music made by women on ancient times. Also, it could be very interesting for us I guess!

This idea comes from the topic of my Master thesis research: 'Choral music in the spanish convents on XVII-XVIII centuries'. I should performance a concert for my master exam next year, so I though in using this pretext for proposing this new choir for the city.

Practical info: I am waiting for contacts first to decide more specifically about rehearsals moments, etc. but I guess the best option could be saturdays morning  or something like that... (open to options and ideas!).

More about me: In apart of my education in choir conduction, I am studing Master in Historical performance (I am cellist) at KCBrussel.

Are you interested in working about early music? Do you think it couls be interesting for you to take part in a new female choir? are you amateur or professional singer who loves to sing in a choir? Please, do not hesitate to contact me and do not forget I am really open to proposes and ideas!

All the best and thanks for reading in advance,

Sergio Garrido.


Sergio Garrido Mariotte

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