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Let the games begin

We have received fantastic news, just before the start of the summer! The World Choir Games 2020 will take place in Flanders. The Flemish government and the board of Interkultur, the organization behind the World Choir Games, have just announced this big news. The cities of Antwerp and Ghent will be the host cities.

The World Choir Games is the biggest choir competition in the world. The games will take place from 5 until 15 July 2020 in Flanders. We expect a lot of people: 500 choirs from all over the world, until 18.000 participants, who also bring family and friends, together 30.000 foreign guests.

They will take part in competitions, open singing events, friendship concerts and workshops directed by the best experts in the world. Like in the Olympic Games for sport, the motto is: participating is more important than winning. That is why all choirs can participate, also behind the scenes as collaborator, volunteer or guest choir – an event of this size needs many helping hands. Starting from the spring 2019, Koor&Stem will organize a series of artistic projects for our choirs: we want choirs to be very well prepared to play this home match!

Former host cities of the World Choir Games were Tschwane (South-Africa), Shaoxing (China), Cincinatti (United States) and Riga (Latvia). Flanders will be the eleventh host of the event. The host cities of the competitions, concerts and workshops are Antwerp and Ghent. The opening and closing ceremonies are planned in Antwerp. It goes without saying that the games will be present outside these two cities as well: friendship concerts will bring the international choirs to all corners of Flanders.

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