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12-18 July 2025

Join us at the International Singing Week Ghent in the heart of the beautiful historical city of Ghent, 12-18 July 2025. With 5 choir ateliers, open singing, choir-to-choir concerts and more. For choirs and singers, children, youth, adults, families and young conductors. Get to know our atelier leaders right now!

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Each atelier leader has prepared a program for the festival for different age groups and voices. The whole week they will work on that program with the singers and will present it in concert on the last day.

Elisenda Carrasco (ES)

Happy Hearts
- Fun songs for all children

8-12y, unison and SA, level A


Atelier for youth equal voices

S(S)A, 10-18y, level B

Mathias Charton (FR)

Atelier for youth

SA(T)B, 14-25y, level B


Fire and Ice

SS(A)A, >18y, level B

Damijan Močnik (SI)

Atelier mixed voices

SATB, > 25y, level B

Open Singing

All participants gather every day to enjoy singing together; fun, easy- to- join repertoire from all over the world. Tom Johnson (BE) will conduct the Open Singing, involving the atelier leaders and all participating choirs and singers.








Start to conduct

Tom Johnson

This beginner-friendly course for young aspiring conductors offers a supportive environment where you can learn from seasoned experts and develop your skills. Seize the opportunity to be inspired and explore the possibilities of choir leadership!

Are you dreaming of becoming a choral conductor? Here is your chance to have a go and feel what it is like to sculpture the sound of a choir. This course is meant for 'absolute beginners'. You will learn about the basics of choral conducting and vocal training for choirs,  and have a go yourself at conducting in practical sessions. Some of you might even get the chance to conduct at one of the Open Singings. You will also visit the ateliers of the International Singing Week Ghent and learn 'tips and tricks' from experienced conductors. Through well-known choral songs you will explore the art of conducting. You will work intensely on different aspects of conducting a choir. You will work in small groups on the aspects that interest you most.

For: young people, 16-25y, who want to discover the basics of choral conducting; starting conductors, teachers, singers,...

Keep me updated

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About Ghent

You will be staying in the heart of the city of Ghent. Museums, historical sites, cosy cafés and shopping streets are all within walking distance. The international press regularly put Ghent in the spotlight in its list of alternative city breaks in Europe, as Ghent offers 'a buzzing creative scene alongside the historical city center'. 


Practical info

When and how to register

You can register from 15 September 2024 until 31 January 2025. An online registration form will be launched on this webpage. Sign up for the newsletter (see homepage "Keep me updated") , so that you will be informed about this.

Participation prices

Fee per person, depending on country of origin and membership type of the European Choral Association (ECA). 
If your choir is a member of a local, regional or national choral association, which in turn is member of the European Choral Association (ECA), you can benefit from the "ECA indirect members" discount. To find out if your association is a member of ECA, click here.

Musical program, concerts, and scores are included in the participation prices. 
Prices will be published in early September.

Reductions for:

  • Full board package in the Sint-Bavo school, starting 12/7/25-dinner until 18/7/25-breakfast.
  • Participants younger than 25 years.
  • Participation as a family.


Payments and cancellations

For choirs, groups and families

  • After registration, we send a payment request for an advance payment of € 150 per person (including non singers).
  • The advance payment is fully refunded in case of cancellations before 1 March 2025. 
  • You will be asked to confirm the number of participants in March 2025, after this, you will receive an invoice for the balance of payment. Deadline for payment: 1 June 2025.
  • Cancellation of max. 10% of participants before 1 June 2025: no cost
  • Cancellation cost of complete group before 1 June 2025: 100% of advance payment. 
  • Cancellation after 1 June 2025: no refunds possible.
  • Adding extra singers to your group: subject to availibity of accommodation and places in the atelier.

For individuals

  • After registration, we send a payment request for an advance payment of € 150 per person..
  • The advance payment is fully refunded in case of cancellations before 1 March 2025. 
  • In March you will receive a request for the balance of payment. Deadline for payment: 1 June 2025.
  • Cancellation cost before 1 June 2025: 100% of advance payment.
  • Cancellation after 1 June 2025: no refunds possible. 

Terms and conditions

  • The number of participants the International Singing Week Ghent can welcome is limited. Registrations after the deadline of 31 January 2025 are only possible in case of availability of places.
  • When registering as a choir, the choir confirms that they have agreements from all singers or parents of the singers (if the singers are under 18) regarding filming and photographing during the International Singing Week Ghent and that this material can be used by Koor&Stem and by the European Choral Association in further events.
  • When registering individually, you agree with being filmed and photographed during the International Singing Week Ghent and that this material can be used by Koor&Stem and by the European Choral Association in further events.
  • All the ateliers have a limited number of places available.
  • When registering, you can indicate which atelier you prefer to attend. The organisation will make the final allocation to a workshop, taking into account balance and age.

About the accomodation

Sint-Bavo school

Ateliers, meals and accommodation are all in one location: the Sint-Bavo boarding school, situated in the shadows of Ghent’s main Cathedral.
Address: Reep 4, 9000 Gent

Festival accomodation 

  • Accommodation is in basic single rooms and some double rooms. Showers and toilets are shared. This accommodation is suited for singers on a budget, the young and the young at heart.
  • The places are limited. The date of your registration sets the chronology.
  • We will ask a deposit/ guarantee of € 300 per choir, to be paid 1 June 2025. It will be repaid after the International Singing Week. If members of your group cause damage to the accommodation, or if you leave the accommodation dirty and we have to hire an extra cleaning team, we will substract these costs from your deposit.


  • Alternatively, there are limited accommodation places in the Ghent Youth Hostel. 
  • You can find your own accommodation. There are many hotels in and around Ghent, but not so many low budget hostels. Do not wait too long to look for accommodation, the summer months are the high season of tourism in Ghent.
  • It is advisable that you take travel insurance to cover cancellations of accommodation you book directly.

What does a day on the Singing Week look like?

In the morning and early afternoon, there is singing in the ateliers. Every day you can participate in Open Singing and choir-to-choir concerts are organised throughout the week. The week ends with a concert in which all the ateliers perform.

Final concert

The final concert will take place on Thursday 17 July in the arts centre VIERNULVIER.  With its beautiful stained glass ceiling, marble murals, balconies decorated with gold leaf and red velvet seats,  it is a wonderful venue for the final concert. 

Choir-to-choir concert

A choir-to-choir concert is a concert where choirs sing their own repertoire. An opportunity to bring some repertoire from your country! It is not obligatory to sing a choir-to-choir concert.

What is the working language?

The working language at the festival is English. And, of course, the universal language of music. The ateliers leaders have been chosen for their international experience; they are used to working with foreign-language groups.

Atelier level

Level A is the easiest, any singer or choir can join, level B is medium difficulty, for singers and choirs that are used to singing 2 or 3-part songs.

Participating as a family

Singing (grand)parents can bring their (grand)children (8y plus) to this Singing Week. Each can join an atelier suited for their age and interest. The organisation provides supervision for min 12y in the Childrens’ atelier, during rehearsals. Meals, accommodation and leisure time are spent with the (grand)parents.

Special needs

  • If you have special needs to participate in International Singing Week, we will be happy to look at the possibilities together. 
  • On the registration form, you can indicate that you have special needs. We will contact you as soon as possible after your registration.
  • The participation fee for an necessary one-on-one companion of a special needs participant consists only of the cost of board and lodging.

Contact information

Koor&Stem vzw, Pater Pirestraat 50, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium, singingweek [at] koorenstem.be


Organisers are Koor&Stem- Flemish Organisation for Vocal Music in partnership with VFJK (Flemish Federation of Young Choirs) and ECA-the European Choral Association and supported by the City of Ghent and the Flemish Government.

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