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MoSaIC-artists work with teenagers in secondary school in Kortrijk

Koor&Stem coaches and MoSaIC-artists will set up a project with teenagers in Freinetschool 't Vier - a secondary school - in Kortrijk. During five weeks MoSaIC-artists and Koor&Stem teachers will join forces to sing, rap or tell stories in a project with the central theme ' being at home everywhere and nowhere'. The project started on 6 March, and had to be postponed after one week because of the COVID-19-lockdown. We will continue with this project next autumn.

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During five weeks, we'll send 2 teachers to the school for an afternoon. During the first session the students practiced rap and sound improvisation. The students tried to write their first rap and discovered their voices. 

After the summer, singing and rap classes will continue. Artistic coordinator Aurélie Lierman will also come to visit the school to work with the teenagers on her composition Future Memories. Sociologue Vida Razavi will talk with them about how it feels to be an asylum seeker, to feel at home everywhere but nowhere. And our ud-player Moufadhel Adhoum will talk about his instrument and join the teenagers in a small performance.

At home everywhere and nowhere - a universal theme

Jan Asselberghs (Petit Jean) coaches in rap sessions
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