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Sing, clap and move along


You probably remember, the first images from Italy where musicians gave mini concerts from their balconies during the start of the pandemic. An image that inspired to turn an indoor concert in two neighborhoods in Brussels into a corona-proof participatory neighborhood project.

Our concert is a participatory concert, because we involve the residents of the neighbourhood. That is why we settle in urban locations between apartments. Residents can listen, make music and sing from the window. We chose the Bervoets and Tivoli districts in Brussels. During several workshops we prepare the residents for the concert. Very exciting!

Children's choir Singing Molenbeek from Molenbeek, children- and youth choir Lyric Music from Bonheiden and professional artists are our main performers, but at several places in the programme, residents are involved too.

A stimulating concept, but for the time being you can only participate if you live in the Tivoli or Bervoets neighbourhoods. Unfortunately. If the pandemic situation allows, passers-by can continue to watch the concerts in June.

Thanks to VGC Brussel and GC Nekkersdal.

If you are interested to join in Brussels, read more here.

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