Basilio Astulez (ES)

Boys & Girls

  • Voices: SSA
  • Age: 8-15y
  • Difficulty: level A

This is an atelier for childrens’ choirs that come with boys and girls. There will be a small separate part sung by all the boys together.
More info soon.

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Basilio Astulez teaches at the Leioa Conservatory, where he also conducts the children's and youth choir Leioa Kantika Korala Choir and the youth choir San Juan Bautista, and he teaches choral conducting at the Centro Superior de musica del Pais Vasco, Musikene. Through his conducting work and his workshops, Basilio always stimulates freshness, originality, expression and agility in choirs. He approaches each choral concert with an open mind and sees it as a total concept, in which space, movement, choreography and staging can be worked on. He draws inspiration for this from old traditions, ethnic aesthetics and avant-garde visions of the choir, among other things. 


Alami (Sea Dance) at Europa Cantat junior in Parnu.

atelierconcert Europa Cantat Junior 2022
Final concert of Basilio Astulez' atelier at Europa Cantat junior 2022 in Vilnius.

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