Participation fee

Participation fees are in euro, per person. The participation fee does not include meals or accommodation (find our suggestions for those below). 

    Indirect members of ECA   Non-members
Country group 1   € 190   € 220    
Country group 2   € 160       € 190    
Country group 3   € 120      € 150    
Choirs Koor&Stem   € 130   /

About the fee

The participation fees are the same for singers, conductors, accompanying persons, study tour participants, and everyone wishing to benefit from the festival’s services. The fee is for the entire festival. It is not possible to participate only part of the festival. The fee includes participation in an atelier or the study tour, open singing and the choir-to-choir concerts, afternoon activities and necessary music scores. 

Membership categories

Prices depend on your country group and type of ECA membership. If your choir is a member of a local, regional or national choral association, which in turn is a member of the European Choral Association, you can benefit from the “ECA indirect members” discount. To find out if your association is a member of ECA, click here. If your choir is a member of Friends of the European Choral Association, two of your singers can have the indirect membership reduction. 

Special-needs participants

If you have special-needs singers in your group, you can specify this in the registration form. We will contact you to find the best practical solution so that everyone can enjoy the festival. There is no participation fee for a necessary one-on-one accompanying adult of a special needs singer. See FAQs for more about special-needs participants.



Price (8 nights)

Scouts house * € 75 fully booked
Boarding schools * € 120     fully booked
Treck Hostel * € 160     fully booked
Youth Hostel ** € 250 fully booked
Ibis Budget ** € 350 fully booked

(*) accommodation offered by the festival / (**) we give you a reservation code and you contact the accommodation yourselves

(*) Boarding schools

The festival offers accommodation and breakfast in several boarding schools in Ghent. The rooms are typically basic single-person rooms with a wash basin. Showers and toilet facilities are in the hallways and are shared by several groups. You bring your own sleeping bag, sheets, etc. House rules apply, like closing times.  If you consider this type of accommodation, please carefully Read the FAQ . 

(*) Scouts house

Scouts house Zebra, has low budget accommodation for one group of 35 to max 40. There are 2 communal sleeping rooms with folding beds and good bathroom facilities, also for people with mobility issues. This accommodation does not include breakfast. There is a kitchen to prepare meals for your group, and shops nearby. 

(*) Treck Hostel

Looking for original accommodation? How about indoor camping at Treck Hostel? We have reserved this hostel for the festival. Ideally, this location is for 1 choir of 50-60 persons. Breakfast is included.

(**) Youth Hostel De Draecke

Situated in the center of Ghent, near the medieval castle Gravensteen is the Ghent Youth Hostel De Draecke. Rooms for 2, 3, 4, or 6 people, each with a private shower and toilet. The festival has reserved the whole hostel; after your registration we will give you a reservation code to contact the hostel directly. 

(**) Ibis budget Ghent

This hotel is close to railway station Gent Dampoort and to the festival venues. We have reserved 3-person rooms (double+single bed); after your registration we will give you a reservation code to contact the hotel directly. Alternatively, you can make other bookings at this hotel, for other types of rooms at other rates.

Other accommodation

If you prefer, you can look for other accommodation. There are many hotels in and around Ghent. But not many low budget hostels. Just ask if you need tips! 


Type Price  
Lunch (x7) € 85     
Evening meal (x8) € 70      


The festival offers meals twice per day (lunch and evening meal).  You have the option to take festival meals, or cater for meals yourselves. You can take either all festival lunches + all evening meals, or only the lunches, or only the evening meals, for your entire group. We do not offer meals for only part of your choir, nor for part of the festival. The first included meal is the evening meal on Wednesday 5 July. The last meal is the evening meal on Thursday 12 July. Lunch is the main meal of the day. It is a warm meal. Two school restaurants provide the meals. Meal choices are regular (meat/fish/vegetarian on some days) or vegetarian (vegan on some days). Food intolerances: gluten, lactose.  


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