Week schedule

Wondering what the festival week looks like? Find out in the overview below and download a detailed schedule of the festival.

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5 July

We warmly welcome you in the afternoon. Get ready for the first evening meal and welcome event.

6-11 July

Busy days with atelier rehearsals, open singing, choir-to-choir concerts and many other activities,...

9 July

Enjoy the free afternoon and evening.

12 July

Day of the final concert! 

13 July

After breakfast it's time to say goodbye. 


Every morning, participants gather for atelier rehearsals, to learn new music, and to prepare for the final concert.  At least three or four choirs from different countries sing together in one atelier. They will meet new choral friends from all over Europe and the world!

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The study tour is a full-day program for choir conductors, music students, and anyone interested in singing with children. Join an international group of colleagues and explore the festival from a professional point of view. Inge Sykora (BE) and Linas Balandis (LT) will be your guides. 

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Many call it the most fun of any Europa Cantat festival: open singing! All participants gather every day to enjoy singing altogether. The repertoire is easy and best bring your dancing shoes! Tom Johnson (BE) will conduct the open singing.

Choir-to-Choir Concerts  

You can listen to or participate in a choir-to-choir concert on some afternoons and evenings. Your choir can sing (if you wish) a 15 minute program of your own choice. The perfect opportunity to share your favourite music from home or to listen to your new-found friends!   

afternoon activities

On some afternoons you can join activities offered by the festival. How about a city game, or a leisure activity? You can also go out by yourself with your choir or just take an afternoon break.

Final concert

Each atelier will work on a program and present it in the final concert on the last day. Your friends and family can watch this concert from home via the live stream.








Tom Johnson (BE)

Tom is a choral conductor and violinist, who also studied piano, voice, and music theory. For Tom, singing is one of the most accessible forms of making music. He reaches out to all kinds of groups in society: children and adults, choirs and schools, professionals and beginners, and hopes everyone can experience the joy of singing. Tom has worked closely with Panda van Proosdij and her Voice & Physique and Choireography methods and believes strongly in involving the whole body, combining it with a professional vocal approach through embodied learning. 

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