Kadri Hunt (EE)


Music from the Baltic Countries

  • Voices: SSA
  • Age: 10-14y
  • Difficulty: level A

Music and dance unite people and nations of the world. The three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have very different languages. They cannot understand each other in speech, but they “feel” each other through centuries of singing and dancing. Baltic countries have regular powerful song and dance celebrations, where traditional folk music as well as newly composed pieces are being performed. The Baltic Sea, which unites the Baltic nations has also been a constant inspiration for music and movement. So let us beep into the past and present traditions of Baltic music. We will feel the power of music and dance, that has been a companion to the Baltic people since the beginning of time. 

In this atelier we sing up to 3-part music. We use bourdons and canons, but also 3-part choir music. We do a bit of movement, and some folk dancing. Percussion and folk instruments – violin and Hiiu kannel, played by the Estonian folk musician Meelika Hainsoo, will accompany the folk-based music. There will also be a cappella singing. We will not study too many words in Baltic languages, we use the historical tradition of the “fore singers” to invent the words according to the event, that is going on – so we leave open the possibility for the participants to make up some words in their own languages on the spot. 

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Kadri Hunt is a choral conductor, singer, composer, arranger and music teacher. Kadri Hunt started pop, gospel and jazz music singing at an early age, but more and more she developed a passion for folk music, especially Estonian sacred folk hymns. She has performed them a cappella, as well as with jazz ensembles. She has advocated and taught folk hymns throughout Estonia.  

Kadri Hunt is the artistic director and chief conductor of the Children’s Singing Studio of Estonian Radio, which consists of four children’s choirs of different ages, and St Michael’s Boys’ Choir. Radio choirs are responsible for recording and releasing music by Estonian composers for children and youth. St. Michael`s choir is more concentrated on historical and present-day liturgical music, as well as Estonian folk music. Kadri Hunt has repeatedly conducted joint choirs at Estonian national festivals and Song Celebrations as well as abroad. Kadri Hunt is also active as a composer and an arranger – she has written lots of solo songs and choral music and made many arrangements for choirs and instruments. 


Stella splendens in monte 
Kadri Hunt conducting Stella splendens in monte. 

Calling of the sea 
At min. 13.15 you can listen to "Calling of the Sea", a piece written by Kadri Hunt.

meet Kadri Hunt 

  • Baltic countries have regular powerful song and dance celebrations, where traditional folk music as well as newly composed pieces are being performed. 
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