Rohan Poldervaart (NL)


Pop for choir

  • Voices: SSA
  • Age: 12-20y
  • Difficulty: level A

When we sing pop music together, we want to feel good energy, have storytelling in the room, focus, rhythm&groove. But we also need a safe space to develop, have social interaction and just simply said: have FUN!  In this atelier, Rohan invites you to explore singing with energy and movement. The songs are mainly chosen by storytelling. What do YOU want to tell the world on stage? With a clear focus on feeling confident and have ownership we’ll built parts of the performance with the group.  

The repertoire will be a mix of well-known contemporary and retro pop songs. Songs you probably sing while riding your bike or under the shower. But wouldn’t you love to sing the on a real stage, together with all your friends?

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Rohan Poldervaart calls himself an ‘Artistic Educator’. He has been the artistic director of Vocal Statements, an organization based in Utrecht and focused on singing in secondary schools. He is teaching ‘Vocal Leadership’ at the conservatory of Rotterdam and Zwolle and gives workshops around the globe.  


My favorite things 
Rohan Poldervaart conducting The Baszment at BALK TOPfestival 2019.


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