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Next edition

The next edition of the competition will take place during the last weekend of September 2022, from Friday 30 September till Sunday 2 October.

The International Choral Festival Flanders-Genk  will take place for the 16th time during the weekend of September 30 till October 2, 2022. After a tradition of thirty years in Maasmechelen, the festival has moved to the cultural center C-mine of the city of Genk. This old mine site combines the history and charm of the old buildings with modern creativity: the perfect place for the International Choral Festival Flanders!

International in Flanders

Because of IKV, every two years Flanders and the province of Limburg may welcome voices from all over the world, like Croatia, Russia and even Indonesia. All the choirs try to convince the professional jury with performances of known and lesser-known music, melodies form their own countries and of course the compulsory work written by a famous Flemisch composer. 

Competition and musical friendships

This weekend full of music always starts with a kick off concert on Friday evening. Every choir has to sing a jury concert on both Saturday and Sunday, in one of the two categories (equal voices or mixed choir). All the singers will get the chance to get to know each other during the weekend, have fun together and even sing friendship concerts on Saturday evening at different locations in the Flemish province of Limburg. On Sunday the weekend will end with a closing concert and the proclamation.

How it started in 1987...

The choir Cantate from Maasmechelen celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1987. Therefore the president and conductor of the choir Frans Meyers and Maurice Delporte wanted to do something special. The choir not only sang some celebration concerts, they also organised for the first time the prestigious International Choir Contest Cantate in Maasmechelen. This was the start of a long and beautiful tradition. The singers of Cantate, nowadays conducted by Marie-Rose Van Gerven, still contribute to organize this big international event. Because of an amazing group of enthusiastic volunteers, every edition is a successful and unforgettable choir event.  


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At our competition different music cultures can get acquainted with each other. And for us, it's an opportunity to promote Flemish choral music.
Jos Venken, chairman IKV


Flemish composer Jan Van der Roost wrote this edition's compulsory works for Flanders' international choir competition.

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zaterdag 5 oktober

Competition equal voices

13.30 u. Opening, welcome
13.35 u. Girls Choir of the Koper Music School, Slovenia
13.55 u. Female Choir University of Miskolc, Hungary 
14.15 u. Female Choir Furiosa, Belgium
14.35 u. Break

Competition mixed voices

15.05 u. Waelrant Camerata, Belgium
15.25 u. Siparantum Choir, Republic of Kosovo
15.45 u. Chamberchoir Hugo Wolf, Slovenia
16.05 u. PUNKT., Czech Republic
16.25 u. Vocal ensemble SAEVUS, Belgium
16.45 u. End competition day


20.00 u. Evening concerts by the participating choirs in Genk C-mine, Zonhoven, Oudsbergen-Opglabbeek, Lanaken-Veldwezelt, Riemst-Zussen, Opoeteren-Dorne.

Zondag 6 oktober

Second day of competitions: free programme

13.30 u. Welcome
13.35 u. Female choir Furiosa, Belgium
13.50 u. Girls' Choir of the Koper Music School, Slovenia
14.05 u. Female Choir of the University of Miskolc, Hungary
14.20 u. Break
15.00 u. Vocal Ensemble SAEVUS, Belgium
15.15 u. Siparantum choir, Republic of Kosovo
15.30 u. PUNKT. Czech Republic
15.45 u. Waelrant Camerata, Belgium
16.00 u. Chamberchoir Hugo Wolf, Slovenia
16.15 u. End competitions

Awards & closing

20.00 u. Closing concert and award ceremony

vrijdag 4 oktober

Opening Concert

Kom ook op vrijdagavond naar het openingsconcert met de King's Singers!

Participating choirs

During the first weekend of October 2019, eight selected choirs from all over the world will participate in the International Choir Contest Flanders, that takes place in Limburg every two years. Do you want to be part of this singing competition with your choir? Send us your application before February 15, 2019.

Vocal ensemble SAEVUS, Belgium

An ambitious mixed vocal ensemble, founded by Johannes Dewilde in 2016; SAEVUS stands for 'dynamic', boisterous, energetic, and determined and strives towards a perfectly balanced cast  of 24 to 32 singers.  The ensemble wishes to offer a refreshing interpretation of mainly contemporary and romantic choir literature.  Barely six months after its premiere concert, SAEVUS already won prizes at the choral festival of Flanders in Kontich.

Women's Choir Furiosa, Belgium

Furiosa is one of the for choirs of Arte Musicale, an organisation led by Steve De Veirman. In 2009 this women’s choir grew out of the youth choir Furiakanti. Ten years later the women form a close-knit group, both on and off the stage. The choir focuses on unique repertoire of equal voiced choral works from the most recent choral literature. Composers such as Dan Forrest, Ola Gjeilo, Eva Ugalde no longer have secrets for these girls. Thanks to their unique sound, they are often invited to perform at concerts.

Hugo Wolf Chamber Choir, Slovenia

The Hugo Wolf Chamber Choir was founded on the 150th anniversary of the birth of composer Hugo Wolf in 2010, as part of ‘Mostovi’, a society promoting the harmony between Slovenian and German culture in Maribor. Hugo Wolf, born in Slovenia, attended secondary school in Maribor, where he also composed his first pieces. Later he emigrated to Vienna. The choir gives special attention to reviving the memory of forgotten composers, connected with their hometown; in addition to Hugo Wolf also Eduard Lannoy, Robert Stolz, Richard Wagner and others.

PUNKT. Czech Republic

Punkt., a student initiative by Prague Conservatoire, is a mixed choir composed of young people, especially students of classical music. It was founded by students of conducting with the vision of performing compositions of other students. The original idea is being held until today. Nowadays, the choir performs all over the Czech Republic, and focuses on more experimental compositions that even include and combine unusual sounds and motion. The choir is conducted by the young choir master and composer Alena Jelínková.

Waelrant Camerata, Belgium

The Waelrant Camerata is part of the ‘Waelrant choirs’ society. This society aspires an open, warm but before everything studious environment in which singers of all ages are willing and passionate about discovering choral music. The Waelrant Camerata is the only choir within the Waelrant society for which its singers are selected from their own youth or chamber choir. With these choirs quite some experience has been gathered at national and international choir festivals and on contest scenes. The Camerata wishes to excel in an exclusive repertoire.

Siparantum Choir, Republic of Kosovo

SIPARANTUM Choir was founded on the basis of an artistic heritage of choral singing in Peja from past centuries. The choir was created by the free will of citizens from Kosovo’s different areas and different categories regardless of age, gender, race, religion and social status with the same dream and commitment: to give love, trust and hope through singing to all of them who believe in a better future of the world. Siparantum choir has very successfully performed several works from Renaissance to contemporary music such as: Bach, Mozart, Whitacre, Runestad, Rabe and contemporary Albanian composers.

Female Choir of the University of Miskolc, Hungary

The Female Choir of the University of Miskolc was founded in 1987 as the practice choir of the institution. It is an active participant of the music life of the city and several radio recordings and performances in Hungary and abroad prove its significant presence. 

Its a cappella repertoire reaches from the Renaissance to the 21st century. The choir is often involved in performing oratories. The choir is conducted by Zoltán Sándor.

Girls’ Choir of the Koper Music School, Slovenia

The Girls’ Choir of the Koper Music School grew out of the Youth Choir of the Koper Music School. For the past eight years, it has been led by conductor Maja Cilenšek.

The choir has been invited to perform at festivals in Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The choir regularly gives performances of works by contemporary composers as Uroš Rojko, Bojan Glavina, Ambrož Čopi, Tadeja Vulc, Andrej Makor and Matej Bonin.

Info & tickets

Dates and location

The 15th edition of the International Choir Contest Flanders will take in C-mine Genk in the province of Limburg, from Friday October 4 until Sunday October 6, 2019.

C-mine cultuurcentrum Genk
C-Mine 10, bus 1, 3600 Genk


The board of the International Choir Contest Flanders: Jos Venken (president), Marie-Rose Van Gerven en Albert Philippaers (vice-presidents), Christiane Janssens (secretary), Finie Tollenaers (treasurer), Geert De Troyer, Frans Loyens, Lea Ubachs, Paul Steegmans, Willy Swennen, Lieselotte Goessens, Steven Smits en Gert Vanderlee.


Christiane Janssens, Oude Hoevestraat 51, 3600 Genk
Tel. +32 475 399 947, [at]


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tickets wedstrijdconcerten

De Internationale Koorwedstrijd Vlaanderen 2019 is een initiatief van Cantate Maasmechelen en wordt mee mogelijk gemaakt dankzij de steun van het Choral Festival Network, C-mine, Koor&Stem, de gemeente Maasmechelen, stad Genk, de provincie Limburg en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

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