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Ken Wakia (KE/UK)


Let's sing together

  • Voices: SSA
  • Age: 10-20y
  • Difficulty: level B

Ik heb een grote passie voor de kracht van koormuziek om mensen samen te brengen. Want als we samen zingen, dan gebeurt er iets magisch. In dit atelier verkennen we koormuziek uit Oost-Afrika, Kenia en West-Afrika. Kom en ervaar de magie van samen zingen en dansen. Zo doen we dat in Afrika!

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Wat zingen we?

Kingli Volkslied uit Kenia -  arr. Ken Wakia 
Hepepe! Speel- en werklied uit Botswana  -  arr. Fred Onovwerosuoke 
Yesu sore Spiritual uit Ghana -  arr. Fred Onovwerosuoke 
Aleluya arr. Fred Onovwerosuoke
Dodo Volkslied uit Kenia -  arr. Ken Wakia 
Sisi ni Moja Jacob Narverud  


Ken is credited for developing amature choirs to high standards of performance.  He has worked with a cross section of choirs from high school to adult community choirs.  
In Kenya, Ken founded the Nairobi Chamber Chorus and the the Safaricom Choir, a work-place choir.  The Nairobi Chamber Chorus, has traveled widely performing at charity events and is an inspiration to many choirs in Kenya.  They have also represented Kenya at the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Windsor Castle and at the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) National conference.  
Ken is known for leading several initiatives and collaborations to connect Kenyan choral directors to the world.  He is passionate about world peace and together with Dr. Kevin Fenton they founded AVoice4Peace
Specializing in Arrangements of African music, Negro Spirituals and contemporary compositions and arrangements, Ken is in high demand as a visiting conductor with choirs at home and around the world. 


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